Our view and definition of "aesthetics" is a comprehensive one that necessarily considers and includes all of the ordering systems. Can an urban area be "beautiful" if its inhabitants are financially destitute; if its natural environment is unhealthy; if it is congested with traffic; or if its citizens live in fear of crime? We believe that a truly beautiful community is one in which participants reflect a sense of well-being as measured through a carefully selected range of criterion.


We ask, "has the design identified and created an aesthetic sensibility appropriate to the history and culture of the region and its vision of the future?"








 Landscape Architecture can provide visual and spatial cohesion to disparate urban form.

 Landscape architecture often works in collaboration with the fine arts, and can inspire and educate.

 The landscape architecture can search, identify, and visually express identities appropriate for the surrounding urban fabric and culture.

 Landscape architecture can create an urban respite:

o   It can replace concrete with green leaves and flowers

o   It can replace noise with the sound

o   It can replace automobiles with pedestrians and bicycles

o   It can replace buildings with parks and open space