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Show Low Down Town Master Plan

/ APA  AWARD 2005 – Master Plan of the year.

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Show Low Creek Corridor Study & Pinetop-Lakeside Town Plan

/ APA  AWARDS / 2007 –  Best Master Study  and  Best Master Plan

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ASLA  AWARDS / 2006 – Planning and Analysis Honor Award



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Summerhaven Restoration Project / Governor's Commendation & 2006 Common Ground Award:






Summerhaven Commercial area redevelopment plan

Source: University of Arizona

School of Landscape Architecture/

The Tejido Group.

Community Redevelopment


On July 1, the Development Services Department was tasked to

prepare amendments to the zoning and building codes to expedite

the rebuilding effort and reduce the risk of a recurring fire

disaster. The local chapter of the American Institute of Architects

offered to develop general design concepts for the commercial

area in Summerhaven. The chapter joined with local design and

construction experts to form a Restoration Committee. Planning

professionals from the Arizona Planning Association and the

University of Arizona School of Landscape Architecture helped

develop a survey that was sent to all property owners. A design

workshop was held to develop alternative designs for the restoration

of the commercial district. This process was documented and

the Mt. Lemmon/Summerhaven master plan concepts were presented

to more than one hundred Mt. Lemmon property owners

at a public meeting on February 18, 2004.

The Restoration Committee reviewed all proposed zoning

and building code amendments prior to the Planning and Zoning

Commission’s public hearing on July 30. On August 11, the Board

of Supervisors adopted zoning code amendments, rezonings,

comprehensive plan amendments, and the International Urban

Wildland Interface Code. On August 21, Mt. Lemmon was finally

reopened to the public and construction started on seven new

cabins and one new business.

On September 2, the Board of Supervisors established the

Mt. Lemmon Domestic Water Improvement District. By mid-

November, recovery activity slowed and the telephone hotline was

discontinued. The Recovery Team continues to monitor calls and

e-mails to evaluate ongoing communication needs.

It is expected that most of the structural erosion control

treatments will remain functional for the several years that are

typically required until natural recovery occurs. Despite significant

rainfall events, Pima County staff has observed minimal damage

to the remaining structures and only minor erosive damage

due to flooding or debris flows on the mountain. However, issues

of forest management, tree debris removal, and revegetation will

remain for years to come.




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Pinetop-Lakeside Planning Projects /

Master Plan of the Year Award from Arizona Planning Association / APA, 2007; President’s Award / first place in Graduate Project of the Year





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