When Dale Turner, a native of Virginia with a degree in forestry, decided to develop 1000 acres of land on the edge of Bisbee, he turned to a professional development firm. His desire was to build a community that would be his legacy to the residents of Arizona, and that would provide direction for the future growth of Bisbee and Cochise County. His wish was for the development to embrace the individualistic charm and character of the site, Bisbee, and other southern Arizona towns, while being unique in its own right, and progressive in its attitudes toward the land and natural resources. Dale was disappointed with the concept he received, which covered the site almost in itís entirety with a typically sprawling suburban development. After the initial failure, Dale turned to the Tejido Group to create the legacy he had envisioned. The Tejido Group has created the following conceptual master plan for the property, and design and planning guidelines to direct this communityís development, as well as providing guidance for surrounding towns.